Ethical code and
environmental policy

Ethical code

1. Respect for the law, human rights and ethical values

Braplastic Sabadell is committed to always act in accordance with current legislation, with the internal regulatory system established with ethical practices internationally accepted with respect for human rights and freedom.

2. Respect for persons

Braplastic Sabadel rejects any manifestation of physical, psychological, moral harassment or abuse of authority, as well as any other conduct that can generate an intimidating or offensive environment with the people´s rights.

3. Professional development and equality of oportunidades.

Braplastic Sabadell promotes the personal and professional development of all employees, ensuring equal opportunities through their action policies.

4. Cooperation and dedication.

Braplastic Sabadell encourages an environment of cooperation and teamwork to make best use of all capabilities and resources.

5. Safety and health at work.

Braplastic Sabadell encourages the adoption of safety and health policies at work and adopt preventive measures set forth in the legislation of each country, and ensures at all times for compliance in this subject.

6. Use and protection of assets.

Braplastic Sabadell offers its employees the necessary resources for the performance of their professional activities, and undertakes to provide the means for their protection and safeguarding.

7. Corruption and bribery.

Corruption and bribery occur when employees make use of unethical practices to obtain some benefit for the company or for themselves. Corruption and bribery are one of the categories of fraud. Braplastic Sabadell declares himself contrary to influence the will of people outside the company to derive some benefit through the use of unethical practices. We will not allow that other people can use these practices with our staff.

8. Irregular payments and money laundering.

Braplastic Sabadell establishes policies to prevent and avoid irregular payments or money laundering originating from illegal or criminal activities in the course of its operations.

9. Loyalty to the company and conflict of interest.

Conflicts of interest appear in those circumstances where the personal interests of the employees, directly or indirectly, are contrary or come into collision with the interests of the company, interfere in the straight performance of their duties and professional responsibilities or involve them personally in a transaction or economic operation of the company. Braplastic Sabadell believes that the relationship with its employees must be based on loyalty that comes from common interests.

10. Treatment of information and knowledge.

Braplastic Sabadell considers information and knowledge as one of its main and indispensable assets for business management, so it should be subject to a special protection. Declares the veracity of the information as a basic principle in its proceedings by which employees must transmit accurate information on their communications, both internally and externally, and in no event will provide incorrect or inaccurate information that, knowingly, may induce to error to who receives it.

11. Relations with customers.

Braplastic Sabadell assumes, leads and drives the commitment with quality, providing the necessary resources to achieve excellence and establishing appropriate measures to ensure that the quality policy is applied by all employees in accordance with these principles.

12. Relations with business partners and suppliers.

Braplastic Sabadell considers its suppliers and business partners an essential part for the achievement of its objectives of growth and improvement of the quality of service, seeking to establish with them relationships based on trust and mutual benefit.

13. Respect for the environment.

The preservation of the environment is one of the basic principles of action of Braplastic Sabadell. As a result, has defined a policy and implemented an environmental management system

Environmental policy

The development of the activity of Braplastic Sabadell, SL integrates sustainable development criteria in all areas of our business, ensuring efficient management of resources and adequate protection of the environment and ecosystems, respecting the demands of society.

To put it into practice, Braplastic Sabadell, S.L. undertakes to comply with and enforce the following principles which constitute the environmental policy of Braplastic Sabadell sl:

1. Braplastic Sabadell, S.L. undertakes to consider environmental and social variables, especially the consequences of climate change and the management of water, in the planning and development of their activities and those of its business partners promoting environmental awareness of its staff and its suppliers.

2. Braplastic Sabadell, S.L. undertakes to comply with the environmental legislation applicable to its activities, as well as other obligations that may be established, with a special effort to prevent pollution and minimise, as far as possible, the potential environmental impact generated by our supply chain, both in natural resources and people.

3. Braplastic Sabadell, S.L. is committed to preserving the environment, developing actions of continuous improvement in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions directly and indirectly, in the reduction of the consumption of resources, control and discharge of hazardous chemicals, the minimization of the use of harmful components to the environment and people and in the whole of our environmental management system.

4. Braplastic Sabadell, SL identifies potential sources of environmental risk arising from their activities, to prevent them and repair them in the hypothetical case that should occur.

5. Braplastic Sabadell, SL guarantees the spreading of this policy among all employees, establishing ways of fluid communication with the authorities, interested actors and local communities.